I Got Your 6

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I got your 6, a phrase used to say that you’ve got someone’s back. Only four short words, hold such a strong meaning. Whether you're a police officer, a firefighter, an EMT, in the military or working in dispatch, having the trust and support of your colleagues is crucial to your job. As for others who are not in those professions, we can learn something from that saying too. Going through life alone is hard and it’s so much more comforting and fulfilling when we know there are people in our lives to support us and encourage us. Those people could be a parent, a friend, a teacher, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a wife/husband and sometimes it can even be someone we’ve just met. My cousin is the wife of a police officer and I see the way her and her husband work together as a team and support one another. She runs the household when he’s working long shifts and he supports her in following all of her dreams and aspirations. They have each other’s backs and are there for one another through anything life decides to throw at them. Police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, military and dispatch all have our backs and we have there’s in return. Thank you to the people who keep us safe, protect us, and support us. We are always grateful.